ACWC Grant to Fund Collaborative Art Projects!

We are so excited to announce that this summer Cordelia A. Greene Library will host “All Together Now: Community Art Days”: 6 arts workshops to complete 6 collaborative art projects.

Participants are welcome to visit the library any time between 12 & 6 on Wednesdays to contribute to the community projects, as well as to make some individual art for themselves. Additionally, materials will remain available for a full week so patrons who can’t come Wednesday can still add to these projects!

This year’s summer reading theme is All Together Now. Community and teamwork have always been a huge part of our mission at this library. With this theme in mind and with the very generous support of the Arts Council for Wyoming County, we are exited to help community members come together and make some beautiful art!

In addition to these workshops, this grant has also provided us with funding for books and materials so that patrons can continue to explore the various art forms that we will be working on throughout the summer.

Our summer reading challenge will run concurrently with “All Together Now: Community Art Days” and will end on Friday August 11th. On this day, we will have a community party to celebrate a successful summer of reading. All our collaborative art projects will be on display!