New Events Calendar

🛎️In addition to our new website we also have a new Events Calendar. We will keep making Facebook events but everything will also be on our “LibCal”. What’s cool about LibCal is that people can register for events.

Note that none of our current events require pre-registration. If in the future if we have events that do require pre-registration we will make it known that registration is required and you’ll still be able to register on the phone and in-person as well as through LibCal.

Though pre-registration is not required, we have made registration an option for most events on LibCal. This is because if you register, our event will automatically be put on your google calendar or whichever email based calendar you use.

Also, if you are pre-registered for an event, we can send you emails if any details of the event change or simply to remind you that the event is coming up!

You can always check out our LibCal here:

Or if you prefer to look at our events on Facebook you can still do that here: