About Us

Our History 

The Cordelia A. Greene Library, established in 1897 under the Board of Regents was started by doctor and philanthropist Cordelia Agnes Greene. Prior to the building of the current library structure, Dr. Greene started the first library with books collected from townspeople and herself in one of the Castile Town Hall rooms. She also provided the library with a $12,000 endowment and $500 for books.

The current physical building at 11 South Main Street is a compact Classical Revival. It was built in 1902 across from the sanitarium on land donated by Dr. Greene. This building was designed by Architect Otto Block and constructed by contractor Fred Gleason. The construction cost of $8,250.00 was acquired by donations from friends and patients of Dr. Greene.

Today the library is committed to carrying on the legacy of Dr. Greene. The mission of the Cordelia A. Greene Library is to provide a welcoming environment for life-long education and creativity of our community.

Our current staff is library director Rebecca Connolly and clerks Helen and Anna.